SAS Water – Driver Safety Case Study


SAS Water are a Staffordshire based company who specialise in all aspects of Legionella control. Owned and run by Lizzie Ward, Lizzie has a team of eight engineers who drive company vans all over the country to client sites. 

Challenges Faced

Some of the drivers were getting poor ratings from the vehicle tracker systems fitted within in the vans and SAS Water wanted to address that so that they could make sure their drivers were driving as safely as possible.


The company wanted to give the drivers all the tools and information they needed to keep themselves and other road users safe.

As an employer their aim was to be as proactive as possible to make sure their team had the best training possible.

How We Helped

Following a meeting with Adrian, Lizzie delivering an in-house training session with her staff, based on Adrian’s advice and knowledge but Lizzie wanted the training to be as comprehensive as possible. As a result, herself and the team of engineers also underwent Adrian’s on-line training specifically designed for van drivers.

All new starters now undergo the training as part of their induction/onboarding process.

Lizzie said: “Adrian’s training has been fantastic. He’s helped raise our employers awareness when it comes to being on the road, in terms of driving and van maintenance. As a business owner I want to know I am doing all I can to help keep my team safe and knowing that the drivers have been on Adrian’s course has given me peace of mind. It will also help us be legally compliant and supports us with our health and safety accreditation which is important.  I know myself and the team have learnt a lot and I would wholeheartedly recommenswd Adrian and his training. He’s a thoroughly lovely guy, extemelely knowledgeable and great to work with.”