About Adrian Hide

I own and run Adrian Hide Consultancy and have been delivering successful road safety programmes and driver risk management services for over 30 years.

Throughout my career I have been lucky enough to work in an industry that I love. Having started my career working for myself, I knew one day I would go back to being self-employed to use all the skills, contacts and experience I had built up over the years to help businesses manage their work-related driver safety. In 2018, I did exactly that by launching my own consultancy.

My passion for road safety began back in 1986 when I ran my first business for 13 years, a driving training company, followed by another 13 years as a Road Safety Manager for Staffordshire County Council and six years in the private driver risk management sector.

I’ve loved all my roles but working for myself means I can now help businesses, small and large, to understand and overcome the challenges associated with work-related road safety.

As a business you have a duty of care to those employees who drive on company business, I can help you meet those obligations, it’s also the right thing to do as a responsible employer, one who puts ‘people first’.

If you would like an informal chat with me to see whether I can add any value to what you already do, please do get in touch.


To help businesses manage the risks associated with their on-road driving activities, ensuring that the business, its people and its reputation are protected.


To contribute towards making our roads a safe place to be, for pleasure and for business purposes, striving for zero harm.


My clients and their needs come first, therefore trust, honesty, transparency and integrity are core values that I uphold and demonstrate in everything that I do.

Hello, I’m Adrian, I promote safe driving in the workplace