Learning at Work Week, by Tamsin Parker

My relationship with driving is pretty similar to my relationship with exercise – I do it because I have to not because I have any massive desire to want to do it.

I’m not going to lie; I wasn’t a natural driver – it took me a while to click with it. In fact, I failed my first test for forgetting to put my seatbelt on I was that nervous – instant fail!

Anyway, I’ve been driving for a long time now and my parking’s still no better so when Adrian suggested I did one of his courses to mark Learning at Work Week, I thought why not?

We go back a long way – we both worked for Staffordshire County Council where Adrian led the Road Safety Team and I worked in PR. I media trained him and he took me out on a Road Safety Awareness course, for an article I was writing for a staff magazine. The long and short of it is I knew I was in safe hands.

So, I have road tested his Eco Safety course (sorry I know that’s a dreadful pun) – It’s a 90-minute virtual training session, broken down into modules so you can fit it in to your own timescale (useful when you’re juggling kids and work).

I’ve been driving since the late 90’s so I guess it becomes second nature, but you do wonder if after that amount of time you’ve picked up habits that you shouldn’t have along the way

Adrian’s course is incredibly well put together, he’s a great presenter (obviously my media training has stayed with him all these years, ha ha), there’s video commentary, exercises, as well as information and tips that are really useful. He covers off areas from driving on rural roads and motorways, to coping with hazards and something called COAST which you’ll learn about if you go on his course. If you live in Staffordshire you also get to play spot the area in some of the footage (or that could just be me.)

Who knew the speed limit for a van is different than a car or that dual carriageways aren’t determined by the number of lanes?

On a serious note – more than a quarter of accidents involve driving for work at the time of the accident. That’s scary so if you have staff that drive, this course is a no brainer.

It’s obviously designed to help you drive more safely but it also gives you tips on fuel efficiency and what employer doesn’t want to save money? I’ve challenged myself to carry out some of the suggestions to try and use less fuel!

Adrian’s clearly an expert in his field, his course is so insightful and he’s an excellent trainer but then he did start out as a driving instructor. What’s more, if you are a Staffordshire based business you would qualify for funding of 48% through the Stoke on Trent & Staffordshire Skills Hub. You might even qualify for 100% funding if you pay your business rates to a Staffordshire Local Authority other than the City of Stoke on Trent. Ask Adrian for details.

Back to me now and don’t get me wrong there are some benefits to being one of the world’s worst at parking – you always find your car straight away when you come out of Tesco (I just look for the car that’s parked the most badly) but I do wonder if I should get Adrian to give me some parking lessons. 

You’re never too old to learn – every day’s a school day, especially during Learning at Work Week.