Prompt PC see the value in driver risk management


Prompt PC is one of Staffordshire’s leading IT security and Microsoft 365 specialists. They have a small team of engineers who visit clients on site using company vehicles.

Challenges Faced

The business owner Andrew Eardley wanted to ensure that their team was as safe as possible on the roads.


It’s a busy team and they needed training that could fit in with their busy schedule. Prompt PC worked with Adrian Hide Consultancy to discuss their requirements and decided that the on-line eco-saving driving course would be the best fit for their requirements.

How We Helped

Prompt PC owner Andrew Eardley said: “As a responsible employer I wanted to make sure that staff had the right training to ensure they were as safe as possible on the roads. Working with Adrian has been great. He’s clearly an expert in his field and gave us the advice needed to make sure the training fitted what we needed.  As it was on-line, it was very convenient for the team. They’ve all completed it now, have enjoyed it, learnt lots and are more aware. I’m really pleased and assured that as an employer I’ve done all I can to make sure that our drivers have had the right training for when they’re out on company business. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend the training or Adrian’s support.”