It’s time to turn back time! Safer Driving Tips

Sometimes we wish we could turn the clock back – I mean how can it possibly be November already?

Seriously though – once the clocks go back on Halloween – it can make the driving experience a little more ‘scary,’ not because of witches and broomsticks but because the nights draw in so much earlier.

And as the nights draw in – it’s another sign that winter is well and truly on its way.

So here are our five top tips to stay safe if you’re driving for work, during the shorter days and longer nights:

  1. If travelling early in the morning, watch out for slippery roads – ice, rain and leaves on the roads can make driving more difficult. Take your time when carrying out manoeuvre’s and always watch your speed.
  2. Clear your windscreen – don’t be tempted to head off to work without clearing your windscreen first. Anything that affects your vision in your car or van – can make driving hazardous.
  3. During the winter months, the sun is low in the sky, making dazzling more likely. Make sure the inside of your windscreen is clean and have a good pair of sun glasses handy.
  4. Check your vehicles, especially your windscreen wipers and washer fluid. They’re both even more important at this time of year because of the dirt and spray on the roads.
  5. Remember, your vehicle has bright lights so you can be easily seen, however, you must still be on the look out for vulnerable road users, those who can’t be so quite easily seen, pedestrians and cyclists in particular.

According to the RAC Foundation, road traffic collisions increased by 19 percent in the fortnight after putting the clocks back – scary eh? Taking road safety seriously is always important but even more important at this time of year as the risks increase.

We can help you keep your drivers safe and manage your driver risk. A full list of services can be found in this website.