Stonegate Tooling introduce a driver risk management programme


Stonegate Tooling are one of the UK’s leading suppliers of tools and materials to stone fabricators, and are known as ‘the UK’s most trusted supplier’ in the industry. They also provide expert support and advice to their clients.

Challenges Faced

Stonegate are a growing company with an expanding team whose staff use company vehicles as well as their own to visit client sites.


Stonegate wanted to ensure that as employers they were fully up to speed with health and safety legislation and as a responsible employer, they were doing all they could to protect their staff and keep them safe on the roads.

How We Helped

Adrian Hide Consultancy was brought in to assess what measures were already in place and carry out a full risk assessment to help ensure driver safety. Adrian also developed a fleet safety policy and is working with Stonegate to look at delivering an on-line driver safety course for its employees.

After the completion of the project, Stonegate commented: “We would have been lost without Adrian’s expertise. He’s really easy to work with and his knowledge is invaluable. We really liked the emphasis on risk management and the structure. It’s early days but so far staff have given us great feedback and we are now considering  working with Adrian to bring in driver safety training for our staff.”