Fifteen Group to use e-learning course for all staff


Fifteen Group are an award-winning telecommunication, IT and software company. Based in Stoke-on-Trent they have clients across the UK.

Challenges Faced

Staff use the company’s fleet of vans to travel to customer sites across the country. Staff also use their own vehicles for work purposes and are paid business mileage. Fifteen Group felt there was gap in training and wanted to ensure this was resolved.


The company wanted to ensure all staff who drive for work purposes, were give the best training possible to keep them safe on the roads. 

How We Helped

Adrian Hide Consultancy was brought in to discuss the training options that were available, and the on-line safety course was chosen for its flexibility and to ensure Covid safety. All staff who drive for work have completed the course and it now forms part of the induction process for new starters.

Ian Walker is of the Company Director. He said: “As a company we take the health and safety of our employees very seriously, whether that’s on site or on the roads. A van is essentially a one- or two-ton piece of metal that could potentially be very dangerous if it’s not maintained or driven properly. As an employer we wanted to ensure all staff who drive as part of their job, whether they drive one of our vans or their own vehicle was given the best training. Adrian’s course provided that. It was interesting, informative and I know from the feedback that our staff have given that they learnt a lot and found it very useful.”