Former Police Officer’s view of our Eco-Safe online course

We’ve spoken to lots of companies about why they brought us in to support them and how we’ve helped them.

We wanted to give you a real picture of what it’s actually like to complete one of our courses, so we’ve started 2022 by doing just that – by speaking to one of our course attendees.

And it’s not every day you get someone as experienced as Mick Tafano taking part. Mick is a former police officer with 31-years’ service under his belt, ten of which was with the traffic police, policing major roads across Staffordshire including the M6.

After retiring from Staffordshire Police in 2008 Mick became an Education Welfare Officer before joining Peak. They have four registered independent day schools in Cannock, Gailey, Stoke-on-Trent and Audley and also have six activity water sports and activity centres in the Cheshire, Staffordshire and South Yorkshire area.

Mick is one of the 160 staff there who drive as part of their job, transporting up to 100 pupils a day to and from the various locations.

Mick said: “Every member of staff who drives for Peak has completed Adrian’s Eco Driver Safety Course, myself included.

I was an advanced police driver and as a PC, Sergeant and Acting Inspector policed the roads in Staffordshire for a decade so you can imagine the crimes I’ve seen and the accidents I’ve attended – some of which never leave you.

“But despite my experience I still learned from Adrian’s Eco-Safe Driving course. You’re never too old or experienced to learn and this course was a great refresher.

He added: “It’s really well put together, informative and very interesting. For me if gives you that basic awareness that you need to help keep yourself and others safe. One of my colleagues who also did the course has told me how useful she found it and it makes you think about the “what ifs,’ etc, – what if I hadn’t have spotted that, what if that child had run out into the road etc, which is really important, in terms of awareness. I thoroughly enjoyed the course and would definitely recommend it.”