Driving Home the Road Safety Message for Education and Outdoor Activity Provider


Audley based Peak have four registered independent day schools in Cannock, Gailey, Stoke-on-Trent and Audley.  Along with six activity water sports and activity centres in the Cheshire, Staffordshire and South Yorkshire. The company ethos is Education through Adventure. 

Challenges faced

Peak have more than 160 staff who drive as part of their work, the majority of which are classed as young drivers (aged 17 to 24). Their staff transport up to 100 pupils a day to and from the various locations along with towing trailers including 6m mobile climbing walls!

Health and Safety Executive and Department of Transport figures show:

  • Nearly three in ten collisions involve a young driver aged 17 to 24
  • One in five new drivers will have an accident within their first year of driving
  • More than a quarter of accidents will involve someone driving for work at the time of the incident


Peak Transport Manager Andy Foster wanted a virtual road safety course creating that could be delivered on-line so their drivers could fit the training in, in and around their working day.

How we helped

Adrian took his e-Learning based Eco-Safe driving course and customised it to include the company logo, a personal company message in the form of a video supplied my Peak, a module specifically for young drivers because of their team’s demographic as well as downloadable personal action plans and Peak’s vehicle safety check form.

On the date specified by Peak, over 160 staff were enrolled onto the course with regular reports provided so that course participation and completion could be monitored.

What our client said

Peak Education’s Andy Foster said: “Road safety is of paramount importance to us not just for the students we transport but for our drivers too. I really feel that it’s out duty to ensure our drivers are as skilled as possible. We have a very young workforce and because we know that statistically you’re more likely to have an accident when you’re younger we want to make sure we give our drivers the best training possible.

“I’ve been looking for a virtual course for our staff to go on for a while when I came across Adrian’s work. He has been absolutely fantastic. He designed something specifically for us and nothing has been too much trouble. The feedback we’ve had from the drivers who have already completed the course has been brilliant. They’ve told us they already feel far more aware and are putting into practice the things they’ve learnt. We will carry on working with Adrian to deliver our training and have made his course part of our mandatory training for all new starters.”

Lauryn Winter, 18, Apprentice Inclusive Education Practitioner said: “The course has really opened my eyes. I’m not the most experienced driver yet but I honestly thought I knew what I needed to know to make sure I was as safe as possible. Adrian’s course has really opened my eyes, not only just about safety but about fuel saving and your carbon footprint. I’ve learnt lots and it was enjoyable too.”