Beware as Councils set to fine drivers

When it comes to getting behind the wheel, we’ve already seen lots of rule changes this year already.

Last month we saw a clampdown on the use of mobile phones while driving and earlier this year we saw real changes to the Highway Code. If you missed it or want to find out more simply click on the text to check out our previous blogs on both subjects.

And now in around six weeks’ time we’re going to see more changes. From June 1st 2022 Councils will actually be given powers to fine drivers for certain traffic offences rather than the Police.

Local authorities across England and Wales will be able to apply for powers to issue penalty charge notices.

It means councils will be able to fine motorists for breaking certain rules including:

Currently, these kinds of offences, outside of the English and Welsh capitals are managed by the police but not always enforced. We are told the aim of this change is to improve road safety and cut congestion.

Under the new powers councils could issues drivers with fines of up to £70 for offences which are likely to be reduced if they’re paid within a certain time limit.