Accora embrace workplace road safety


Accora are a family-run firm based in Cambridge. They supply medical beds and chairs to nursing/care homes and health care facilities throughout the UK.

Challenges Faced

The company has a fleet of vehicles with around 35 sales staff and product specialists who drive for work purposes. They had previously tried various training options for their drivers through the insurance companies they had worked with but found that these were not always consistent.

Wanting to take a more risk-based approach they were introduced to Adrian Hide through a partner company they were already working with.


Adrian worked with Accora to assess their specific requirements and to bring in tailored support to achieve their specific objectives.

How We Helped

Adrian carried out a detailed risk assessment on the drivers and journeys undertaken, then produced a Driver Safety Policy which Accora adopted and tailored to fit their house style. Accora use the FleetCheck app and have also designed a module for their CRM system to help manage their fleet more effectively. Driver safety training for staff will be mainly online with face-to-face training for higher-risk drivers.

Quality Manager Anthony Drake said: “We’re a responsible employer so had already started down this road and knew what we wanted – Adrian helped us implement what we needed quickly and effectively.

His expertise and knowledge have been invaluable. He advised us on how to introduce dashcams and telematics to our fleet and as a result, incidents have dropped – meaning our drivers are safer on the roads.

He added: “Our drivers are also more focussed. We have vehicle tracking systems fitted so that driving styles can be analysed, and based on this data we’ve brought in an incentivised league table for our drivers. We’re finding that the drivers compete in a friendly way to be at the top of the league table.

“It’s clear that drivers’ attitude to safety is changing, and we are very pleased with Adrian’s support and guidance to help this programme forward. I would recommend Adrian to any company that is serious about driver safety,” Anthony said.