• e-learning driver safety and risk management with Adrian Hide Consultancy


If you are a Staffordshire based business and employ less than 250 people, you will qualify for a grant of 48% of the cost of my e-Learning course

e-Learning is an efficient and  cost-effective way of training because it has minimal impact on your staff’s day to day operations and participants can learn at their own pace, dipping in and out of the course until it is completed.

I’ve used video-based content, to try and give the look and feel as if I was presenting the course directly to my audience and an end of course quiz aims to cover the key learning points and validate that learning has taken place.

Additional resources will include things like e-books, pdf downloads with links to additional information and on course completion, a personalised Certificate of Professional Development will be issued.

Please visit my Safer Driving Academy e-Learning platform where you will be able to see my available courses and those coming soon.

Do you have lots of staff to train?

If so, please do get in touch because I offer discounts based on the number of drivers that you would like trained.