Driving for work – A businesses single biggest risk

Driving is a high-risk activity and likely to be a businesses single biggest risk, yet many do not manage driver safety as well as they should. The trouble is, responsibility for driver risk does not tend to have a natural fit into any one single department, and especially among SME’s who often don’t have the staff resources or expertise to deal with this subject, yet it’s a legal requirement that they do.

All the while a business’s driving activities are running smoothly and safely there doesn’t appear to a problem, however, if an employee becomes involved in a serious on-road incident, and the Police investigate, be prepared for them to come knocking! It’s only then that businesses will realise what they should have had in place and will probably be wishing they did, trying to close the gate after the horse has bolted is never a good situation to be in.

If found guilty of any breach in duty of care, a business could face fines which are based on a percentage of their turnover. If a fatality is involved, a fine is the least of their worries, business owners could face corporate manslaughter charges which could result in a custodial sentence.

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