Daytime Running Lights may not be enough

New research has found that some drivers across the UK could be causing danger for other road users by relying on daytime running lights (DRLs) for illumination in low visibility conditions.

A study by the RAC of 2,061 drivers found 62 per cent claimed to have seen other vehicles with lights on at the front in dull and overcast weather conditions but not at the rear.

As technology advances drivers need to keep pace with the gadgets in their vehicles, especially safety features, understanding how they work, and more importantly, their limitations. Automatic on/off headlights are a good example of this.

Drivers who have automatic on/off headlights will often forget or, even don’t realise that daytime running lights only illuminate the front of the vehicle and, when visibility is poor but it’s light outside, the auto-on headlight function may not work. So, the solution is simple, if visibility is poor during daylight hours, check that lights are on, if not, use the good old-fashioned method of, turn lights on manually.