Van Safety

Do you…

Have people in your business who drive vans?

Are you confident they know the rules for driving a van?

Do you fulfil your duty of care obligations by providing van driver training?

Would you like a cost-effective training solution?

More and more businesses are using vans to transport goods and services to their customers and while anyone with a full car licence (category B) can legally drive them, there are some special rules that apply to vans that car drivers won’t be aware of.

In a recent survey, 7 out of 10 van drivers didn’t realise that on national speed limit roads, vans have lower speed limits compared to cars, so here’s a question, are you confident that your drivers know all the rules for driving a van?

It’s the law…

Any business with five or more employees has a legal duty to have a documented health and safety programme in place which must comprehensively cover its driving activities, including driver competency and training.

Part of a good driver risk management programme will be to offer training to anyone who drives a van for work, never taking for granted that a driving licence is evidence of a competent driver!

Fulfilling your training obligations doesn’t have to be expensive, especially with our online based Safer Van Driving course.

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