Driver risk management for large businesses

Do you value the safety of your staff?

Would you like to ensure you have everything in place to reduce the risks associated with your driving activities?

Do you know what you need in place to meet your duty of care obligations?

Would you like to protect your business, its brand and reputation, and above all, your staff?

Would you like an expert to help you?

I’m here to help you…

Every business has a legal duty to manage health and safety in the workplace and this responsibility extends your driving activities if any staff drive as part of their work. The Health & Safety Executive produces guidelines for businesses, I will help you review or ensure you meet these guidelines

If your business suffers a major incident involving one of your staff while driving for work, the potential consequences are huge. At best, you could be fined a substantial percentage of your turnover if found guilty of failing in your duty of care. A worst-case scenario is where fatalities are involved which could see the business owner being charged with Corporate Manslaughter and probably facing a custodial sentence.

Click HERE for an example of a company that faced a huge fine.

Getting started

It’s very important that any driver risk management programme is right for your business, your drivers and the journeys they make. The first step is a free telephone or video discovery meeting with me. We need to get to know each other and whether I can genuinely add value to what ever you already have in place to manage driver safety.

I work best with businesses who recognise driving as a high-risk activity, put people first, want to meet their duty of care obligations and protect their brand and reputation. If this sounds like you, let’s have a conversation.

Next steps

After our discovery meeting, if there is a genuine desire to introduce a robust driver risk management programme into your business or you would like me to look at your current arrangements, I’ll come in and carry out a thorough review.

Driver risk management review

My approach will be to benchmark your business against the Health & Safety Executive’s guidelines and those of industry best practice. It will take about three to four hours of your time for me to conduct the review.

This review will cover:

  • Driver & vehicle fleet size (background information)
  • Culture and management
  • Risk Assessment (driving activities)
  • Driver Safety Policy
  • Driver Safety Handbook
  • Systems and administration (compliance management – vehicles & people)
  • Resources and budget (for managing driver risk)
  • Licence checking
  • Driver Risk profiling and management
  • Fitness to drive
  • Training (for Managers & Drivers)
  • Communications
  • Review

Then I’ll prepare a comprehensive report with insights and recommendations, together with a suggested prioritised action plan. If this approach appeals to you, I’d love to hear from you.

I’m here to help you

How you engage with me beyond the review process is very flexible. Some businesses have the resources and expertise in-house to implement my recommendations. Others do not, so engage me on a retainer basis and I become their virtual driver risk manager.
I’d be more than happy to design a support service that suits you and your business.

Want to find out more about how Adrian can help your business?