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Compliance Management

For driver risk to be effectively managed, comprehensive, accurate and up to date records are crucial. However, creating a system to manage multiple drivers, their vehicles and associated compliance and run-out dates can be a time-consuming and daunting task.

Don’t underestimate the administrative time required to manage driver compliance well. To overcome this challenge and to provide a solution for small businesses, I’ve teamed up with Excel My Business and together we have developed our own unique system.

It’s easy to use and is Microsoft Excel based, but it looks, feels and works like an interactive software-based platform. Your administrator will have a dashboard where they will see upcoming prioritised tasks and insights regarding a driver’s status and compliance.

Anything with a run-out date or timed action is automatically tracked and managed, reducing the administration time in checking records and sorting data. The system uses the principle of ‘management by exception’.

This should give you peace of mind in the knowledge that any compliance or actionable elements of your driver risk management programme are efficient and effectively managed.

Efficiencies are gained by freeing your administrator to concentrate on other more value-added tasks. Our system is a real time-saver and prevents essential tasks slipping through the cracks!

What you should know

  • The system is provided as a value-added service with my Essential+ and Platinum Toolkits, you will benefit from continual use of the Information Management system all the while you have a contract in place with me
  • The licence to install and use the system on a single computer for the lifetime of the contract
  • This is not a cloud-based system; the system and data will be held on your own computer or server – only you will have access to your data
  • Telephone or email technical support is included. This is restricted to addressing any technical issues surrounding the correct functionality of the system

If you would like to know more about our driver and vehicle Information Management system as a stand-alone service, please get in touch.

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