Driver Safety Workshops

Are you concerned about the high number of collisions your drivers are having?

Are your vehicle running and insurance costs rising?

Are your staff receiving driving penalties?

There is a lot of evidence to support that trained drivers are safer, more fuel-efficient, and have fewer accidents which results in less wear and tear on vehicles and often far better insurance terms

I’ve created a number of workshops that are designed to build on drivers existing knowledge and experience, aiming to equip them with an enhanced appreciation of the defensive and fuel-efficient driving techniques needed to drive today’s modern vehicles.

Most drivers don’t usually take part in any additional training over and above the lessons that led to them passing their driving test.

It’s strange that we can drive from 17 to 70 without upgrading our knowledge and skills.

My Driver Safety Workshops are designed to be fun, educational and keep drivers up to date with the latest Highway Code rules, traffic regulations and techniques for eco-safe driving, particularly with new technology being introduced.

Speed Management

In today’s fast paced world it’s all too easy to spend your time rushing from one place to another and ignoring the speed limit in the process. Forgetting the rules though, can be catastrophic. This workshop is designed to reinforce the speed limit rules, enhance a driver’s understanding of why driving at the appropriate speed is so important, as well as looking at how using time and space can manage speed effectively.

Eco-safe Driving

Technology in all aspects of our lives has changed immeasurably in the last few years and especially within the vehicles we drive. Have your drivers kept up to speed with these changes and adjusted the way they drive accordingly? This workshop is aimed at getting drivers the best return from each tank of fuel as well as ensuring safe driving.

Impairment Through Drugs & Alcohol

Drinking and driving can lead to devastating results. Not only is it extremely dangerous, it’s also completely irresponsible and socially unacceptable but for many drivers, they can still be over the limit, the morning after the night before. Often it’s because they don’t understand how long it takes for alcohol to leave their system. This workshop will explain that, the effects alcohol can have on your reaction times and why driving under the influence can lead to tragic outcomes. It also looks at the changes in drugs driving law and the impact using drugs can have when you get behind the wheel.

Smart Motorways

These were Introduced in 2014 with more being rolled out across the UK. Do your drivers know how smart motorways work and more importantly, how to use them correctly, especially the Emergency Area, where there is no hard shoulder? This workshop will provide drivers with advice, tips and techniques for safer motorway driving.

Bespoke Workshops & Seminars

Some businesses have unique needs or may have limited time available for training. I can work around that by tailoring sessions to fit specific requirements. Whether it’s a workshop, team talk or pop-up session, get in contact and I can devise training to meet your exact needs.

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