• Driver Safety App from Adrian Hide Consultancy

Driver Safety App

Working with me gives you access to an innovative driver safety app that’s specifically designed to make driver risk management smarter, easier and more cost-effective. This unique app works hand in hand with the driver, helping them to make positive changes to the way they drive.

Over the years, most drivers develop their own style of driving and sometimes their actions could potentially put themselves, their passengers or other road users at risk. It can be very difficult to evaluate for yourself what risks there are with your own driving – this is where the driver safety app can help.

Working in the background using your smartphone’s technology the app identifies key risk areas, including:

  • Inappropriate speed for the conditions
  • The percentage of time spent over the posted speed limit
  • You should take a break after two-hours of continuous driving. The app highlights when you’re not doing this
  • The number of times you interacted with your phone’s screen while driving – which research shows is extremely dangerous.

The system provides real-time alerts if you are about to engage in risky driving activity, like approaching a bend too quickly or breaking the speed limit. For those of you worried about a ‘big brother,’ approach, there’s no need, as a driver’s location isn’t visible.

Drivers can view their risk score; identify where on a journey they took risks and are given advice on how to reduce risks on future journeys. Good driving is also rewarded with safety miles, which can be cashed in for free products and services.

The benefits of using the driver safety app are:

  • Smoother, safer driving
  • Reduced fuel consumption
  • Lowering the chance of collisions or making inappropriate manoeuvre
  • Reduced vehicle wear & tear
  • Rewards through earning safety miles
  • No ‘Big Brother’ approach as the app does not use location positioning

Don’t take my word for it, give the app a test drive *FREE of charge, you will soon see all the positive benefits of using this amazing little app.

* Your free trial period will be determined on a case by case basis, please contact me for details.

What are drivers saying about the app?

“The app is really quick and easy to setup, I was up and running in a matter of minutes”

The app has made me aware of risks that I’d not thought about before

I didn’t realise just how much time I spent speeding; I’d doing well in getting my speeding down now

My partner says I a much smoother driver since I started using the app

I like the idea of rewarding good driving, gives me something to aim for

I thought it would be a big brother thing, it’s not because there’s no visibility on my location, it’s all about me and my driving

I’ve started to save money on fuel since using app

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