e-Learning: Electric Vehicles

Electric Cars

Electric Vehicles

Electric vehicles (EV’s) are fun to drive, very powerful and super quiet, for these reasons alone, an EV familiarisation course is a must. Also, EV drivers need to think differently, safety, range and charging being top of the list. In this course we cover everything an EV driver needs to know, providing them with the knowledge and confidence to get the very best from their EV. We cover all of those ‘I wish I knew that sooner’ rather than later topics! The course has 9 modules, around 90 minutes of content, but you can dip in and out of the course at your leisure.

What’s covered in the course

  • Mindset – an EV driver thinks differently
  • The basics of driving an EV
  • Maximising range
  • Charging your EV
  • Key safety features of an EV
  • Defensive driving – EV style
  • Pre-drive safety checks
  • Myth-busting quiz